Surprising effects come through simplification


Modern architecture in Yokohama

Partly, this cheese shop is been covered by lush greenery. The lines are curved and flowing.

It's about the new PABLO shop in Yokohama. It combines a bakery and a shop. The rear part has a café with a seating area available.

It has been everywhere on a very warm color palette. You have here with exposed brick to do Orange and yellow shadowed wood. One can imagine hardly a einladendere mood.

Now, the point is to wonder why you chose just the curved elements. Was that the best opportunity in this type of modern architecture? We wanted to create a dramatic mood. The rounded forms are perfect, because they create the image of a tunnel.

Still it was looking for a method to provide the whole thing with a warm, green texture. It can appear soft and comfortable interior. Plants have been installed on some of the curved wall elements vertically.

Everything in this room and this architecture goes to green and forest. The elements are either made of wood or plant natural or they strongly remind their texture or colour version.

The combination of this rural, rugged element and the modern is also definitely not be overlooked. The elegant prevails through the sleek shapes and the decoration of letters. Still even the kitchen appliances contribute strongly. Modern is not only in the sense of "contemporary", but also by the "industrial" as from the middle of the last century to understand.

The lighting, as well as the system for the ventilation and air cleaning have been integrated in these.

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