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It belongs to our special tasks again and again to find out. It is absolutely mandatory for us that we are up to date on all issues, we treat. A principle of another, particularly important for us is the change. We want to offer as much diversity in our articles, as it gets.

We have two approaches, which have proved highly efficient in time. First we look at the details of us. Every detail for themselves often represents a world of its own. At the minimalist mode that prevails, only a subject can be so expressive that it gives the room a completely new, specific character.

You must have noticed but this on the topics in our articles from last time, or?

Which architecture magazine we like to read?

Still we have some architecture magazine selected from the international language. You have a pronounced character of the world. You are looking for great designers and their ingenious ideas all over the world. Because our world may be how global, cultural differences provide a differentiated perception of the world. Taboos that are in a place of importance, are cancelled at the other place. Patterns that one is afraid in a country break up, are no longer so authoritarian already elsewhere.

So, if there is someone within their own cultural circles somehow too narrow, you can take still a little fresh air, by one draws inspiration from a different culture. That's why we turn to sometimes the area of English -, Russian -, Spanish - and Portuguese-speaking. Furthermore we seek out magazine design and architecture, which are in English, but are really written by internationally active and writing authors.

We have us today made you five to present our design and architecture magazine. Four of them are Spanish to English and one on another world language, namely.

You should have not gotten the wrong impression. Architectural Digest is no output, which is somehow conservative. Quite the contrary. Here, we are witnessing an inspiration from the past and the admiration of writers for this. Here, designers and architects are presented, which really appreciate the role models from older times. You take ideas from the tradition. The interpretations can be seen but only once and in its present form hardly elsewhere.

Also the style of design and architecture magazine show the same philosophy. They are filled with modern recordings of older artistic and architectural works. To bring models which follow this philosophy, in the foreground.

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