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Amsterdam Architecture Dazzles With Color And Decorative Elements

The architecture in Amsterdam is characterized by many features. One of the most important among them is sure her colorful character.

This underlines the stylish and unique silhouette of buildings in the city.

The architecture of this city is striking not only for Amsterdam, but for Netherlands. Here, the wooden buildings were common in the middle ages. But after the fires in the years 1421 and 1452 you started to build the houses made of stone.

Many homes were built with gable walls are oriented to the channel. Still, the various forms of the roof are typical for this city's architecture. Time, those developed with the shape of bells, and a parapet wall. Many decorative elements on the houses are typical.

The protruding bars represent an interesting detail. They were used as structures, which was taken the luggage upstairs.

The many canals that cross Amsterdam, provide the delightful character in this city. However, even more beautiful they act through the great houses, which are located in the immediate vicinity.

Sometimes certain buildings were under water and no longer there, you could stay. It has often kept such buildings, however, so the remaining buildings were preserved. Thus was born the term "floating architecture", which refers to the characteristics of the city.

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