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Conversion of a house in Rio preserves the original character of the architecture

Rio is one of the multicultural cities of the world. That is also reflected in their architecture. This trend also in Brazil spreads from there. That's why it is moving there repeatedly us, to introduce modern architecture in this country.

Today we continue with a stunning and very interesting example.

In the House, which we'll show you today, lives a Dänisch-Spanish pair. They just provide a multicultural background here. You observed the structure of the typical architecture of the rich district (Condominhos), and could not understand why you always keep to the vertical alignment.

Their opinion, the apartments situated here include far too little of the natural environment. As a parent of four , she wanted to dodge this disadvantage. Her house should ideally write up in the environment and offer the enjoyment of it.

The House in which they live, was already built. But you have turned to the architect André Piva. He should change the House according to their style and presentation. Awesome, we see the result! Want to know more about it also?

The renovation was implemented in two stages. First, it has converts the kitchen and the stairs. It thus provided a stable nucleus and a good connection between the two levels of the building.

The second part of the transformation was somewhat more complex. This was completed four years ago. He joined the improving of the living room, now looked like a glazed box.

It has executed the right inclination that there are no bends or breaks. It drew inspiration for this idea from the elegant Pavilion in Barcelona, de Mies van der Rohe.

Through transparency, everything was much more friendly and welcoming, pleasant. Integrated one has also a BBQ and pizza oven. There is also a swimming pool for everyday use.

In addition, it has invested also in landscape design. Thus, it has attracted native birds and approached even more on the beauty of nature.

All of this is evolved at the feet of Christ! As a blessed delight, not true!

It calculated the taxes in the middle ages according to the width of the façade. That's why you has tried to hold them tight. It also had an influence on the stairwells. Sometimes, you could reach the top floors only by crawling.

The uniqueness of Amsterdam consists among other things also in the perfect combination of interesting details, installations and art objects. Without losing its specific look, Amsterdam is on the scene of world architecture.

Look at this image! Such contemporary installations are common in many places in the city. Thus, the home owner at the same time show whose fondness for contemporary architecture and their home town.

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