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The concrete facade of Saint Joseph University in Beirut

Concrete architecture and universities are in close contact for many years. From this, a certain aesthetic line in architecture has evolved. I can say unequivocally and clearly. Today we want to illustrate this on the basis of Saint Joseph University in Beirut - one of several University buildings in the world, which at the same time impress with wonderful concrete facade and an absolutely own and distinctive aesthetics.

Lebanon represents a narrow strip of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. It is about 200 km long and 50 km wide. A highway linking the North with the South and cuts through the whole territory. A special situation prevails in the country since 1990. It is reflected also in the architecture of the country. There comes a time in which the lack of rules represents the rule with the end of the civil war. The land is cultivated in an insane manner, especially the coast, where virtually no free village remains. All the Government orders assume a certain class architects, mostly English. Others must restrict themselves to private residences.

Youssef Tohme and the concrete facade of the Saint Joseph University in Beirut

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At this time Youssef Tohme's University in Beirut with his concept for the Saint Joseph, which includes a concrete facade and overall concept of this material. More 109 architects are integrated. He studied architecture and worked in Paris and Beirut. He knows so in world trends, internalized but also the local character. He sees his country at this time as a kind of collection of own sovereign responses to objective reality, which includes among others destruction, isolation and desire after reconstruction.

One of the reasons why Youssef Tohme was chosen for this project, is that he was fully aware of the responsibility which is connected to. He considers all the elements that correspond to the world trends, very critical. Because the concrete facade, which occurs in many places and on these buildings, had to be different here. She had to meet the particularities of the country.

But what have the specifics of Lebanese reality at this time been? We have already mentioned - is lack of rules and to the individual dealing with these. How to exactly this actually get an expression through the medium of architecture? How can the connection between people and buildings be so that the first to feel good? If you the concrete facade, the layout, and all other elements of the Saint Joseph University in Beirut considered, then you feel subconsciously or it even seems that the architect was looking for an answer to these questions. At the same time, you feel a part of the world by the world nature of the institution.

What better intellectual support for the new generation of a country could be doing? For a country that now must. rebuild everything

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