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Modern Clothes For A Sensational Look At The Summer

Dresses are all year long like worn. But if we should split these clothes for a certain season, this is the summer. Therefore we would devote the models that are currently in the hot season 2017, special attention.

Game with transparent materials

modern dresses summer women

The dress would have to hide our bodies (like every other piece of clothing), but beneficial to present also our character. In this respect, the use of transparent materials that seal in combination with helps such occur. Tip as well as the use of multiple layers are typical for the summer dress fashion.

You can calmly look back in the past

flowers modern dresses summer

The past should be left behind and we should focus on the future - thats a nice motto, but you must follow when choosing summer dresses this year it! Many conservative trends are recorded and you may shape our image once again.

For example, this year, we will have very many clothes made of silk. The often occurring in the last seasons floral pattern remain Furthermore up-to-date. Retro cuts are also strong.

Fashionable dresses - emphasizing the waist

modern dresses ladies slide lines

Slide lines dresses prevail since the spring and they remain current in the summer. However it can be converts always somewhat different accessories. The emphasis on the waist is particularly relevant under the summer clothes. Dress in A line - you can do this through a great belt.

Fashionable dresses - rural elements

in-house look fashionable dresses

We stay a little longer at the floral prints. In many collections this year they seem quite naive, but, as drawn by . In addition, rustic looks are announced.

Interesting snippets create a sensational look

fashionable summer dresses girls

No matter which model you choose, you have the ability to individualize your summer dress with an interesting neckline. Loosen the very classic models with v-shaped cut-outs. Provide an interesting look of the shoulders. Look for the models that offer an interesting design of the sleeves or show asymmetry in the lower part.

Long dresses remain after all current

modern dresses summer

The length is up to date with dresses and skirts, 2017. While the combinations with beautiful patterns and colors are strong. We advise you to put on floral ornaments and combine in the same style with jewelry.

Fashionable dresses - a unique combination of transparent and dense materials

modern dresses ladies transparent

A classic and at the same time modern look

modern dresses summer ladies

Modern clothes - retro-style from the 70-ies

modern dresses ladies retro

Go with a retro dress by the city and simply gorgeous look

You emphasize your waist fashionable dresses-

modern dresses summer vintage

You create a unique look fashionable dresses - by rustic clothes

rusikale looks summer women

Put on interesting and original shaped Ausschitte

interesting ausschintte modern summer dresses

Long dresses are available for a romantic look

modern dresses retro trendy ladies

A full-length dress must have modern dresses - any jasmin live ladies

modern elegant dresses

Fashionable dresses - floral and colorful motifs

modern long summer dress ladies

The Healthiest Vegetables From The Sea

Do you know the vegetables of the sea?

It is known that all vegetables are very healthy and useful for our physical well-being all of us. The superfoods, the vegetables are unzählich. But did you know that the sea is also rich in vegetables? What are the vegetables of the sea, what nutritional value they have and whether they are good for our health, that you know only when you continue reading.

Sea vegetables is actually different types of algae. The most popular vegetables from the sea is the Nori. These algae used in the preparation of sushi.

The healthiest vegetables

healthiest vegetables vegetables locate vegetable species

Big, the vegetables from the sea are numerous and their benefits for our health. More specifically are the mineral-rich plants, which are an integral part of Japanese cuisine for centuries. They are very useful for health because they contain powerful antioxidants. Only some of the benefits of sea vegetables are listed here:

slow down the aging process

help in the fight against chronic diseases

lower cholesterol levels

Prevention of cell mutations that cause cancer

reduce the menopausal symptoms

Alkalinity of the blood

anti-inflammatory effect

good source of important minerals

detoxify the body of heavy metals, environmental pollutants and carcinogens

Control of the growth of pathogenic viruses, pathogenic bacteria and Candida

strengthen the heart

balance the function of the thyroid gland

Help for constipation

Nori sheets for Sushi preparation

Abdul vegetables list locate vegetables vegetable species

Vegetables from the sea

Nori: As we have already mentioned, the Nori used seaweed for the preparation of sushi. They are usually green or black. The largest producers of Nori are Japan, China and Korea. The Nori pretty quickly grow algae. You can be collected 45 days after planting, already. The sea vegetable Nori is very rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and A, potassium, magnesium and iodine. Nori leaves are low in calories and contains no fat.

Kombu: This vegetable is perfect for soups, but it adds a great flavor any other court. Kombu are edible algae, belonging to the family of Brown algae. More than 90% of kombu vegetable are grown in Japan. They contain iodine, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins of influenza B, vitamin C and folic acid.

Lose weight with wakame

wakame locate vegetables vegetables vegetables list types

Wakame: They are similar to the kombu seaweed. Recent studies showed that the wakame can be an aid in weight loss. This vegetable is also one of the best plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Wakame are rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium and iodine.

Laminariales (kelp): Laminariales are brown algae, rich in powerful minerals and vitamins. This sea vegetable is considered especially useful for the prostate, pancreas and digestive system. The Laminariales are also famous for their optimizing function of the thyroid gland. Improve the metabolism and brain function.

Agar-Agar as an alternative to gelatine

agar types vegetables vegetables vegetables list places

Agar: This vegetable is known also under the name of Agar-Agar. These algae are a vegetarian alternative to gelatin. They can be used for sweet and savoury dishes. They are especially useful for people with constipation, as they lead to a mild rebuff.

Other healthy sea vegetables are still Arame (Eisenia bicyclis) and Hijiki (Sargassum fusiforme). The spirulina and chlorella, offered in the form of powder or capsules, but also among the Group of useful algae.

If you choose to include sea vegetables in your diet, follow the recommendations on the packaging, because the algae as food are highly concentrated. If you have a thyroid disorder, you should seek a professional advice and inform what kind of sea vegetable for you is well suited.

Modern women's skirts

The rock is a stylish and elegant piece of clothing and is a part of the fashion collections of all seasons. The demands placed on the designer is so great when it comes to fit the current styles of this classic as part.

Let us take a look at the diversity which has to offer the fashion-conscious ladies 2017 in this respect. Prepare on a wide range of colors and patterns with great emphasis on the advantages of the female figure.

The PIN is rock 2017 on all cases in!

women's skirts colorful combination

The pencil skirt is very strongly represented in all fashion collections 2017 and 2018. He appears in current colors. We have a wide variety in the materials. Asymmetrical elements are often in use. There are models with the typical for this year interplay of transparent and dense materials. The pencil skirts are also often decorated with various figures in top.

The essence, however, is that the rock creates a contrast to the upper part. This can either happen through the selection of the adult cams material: for example you could attract a chic sweater made of fine cotton and take an elegant pencil skirt made of a softer material. Colors, you can set to bold combination. Many models there are to do this in the Designer Collections.

Skirts with different scents

pin skirt skirts ladies ladies skirts

That's more news this year - there are dresses and other elegant garments that bring their own scent. This trend is again the most in the narrow knee-length models. It will work with noble perfumes, to bring this sensual experience in the world. Examples of this can be found in the following collections: Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, child prodigy.

Women's skirts - gorgeous models in several layers

several layers of modern women's skirts

The magnificent skirts of several layers are also in several magnificent collections. On these models, we discover a magnificent interplay of different layers. This kind of skirts the line there is again up to the knee. Especially emphasised the waist area becomes. At the colors, you will discover the various pastel shades.

Skirts in wool

wool skirt modern ladies skirts ladies

The beautiful skirts made of wool are in two years to 2017 and 2018 also currently, but they are not universal. We would recommend you use the most younger women, so those in their teens.

Floor-length skirts

long skirts energizing trendy women's skirts

Do you romantic look this year? Nice that the skirts are 2017 super said to the ground. If you choose floor length skirts, forget about all the previously listed tips. Deal playfully with the textiles, put on layers and various other interesting shapes. It will be not redundant if you include models with asymmetric elements also here. Still, it is almost obligatory to give a contrast - either in shape, color or fabric with the upper part.

If you also follow these rules, you can reach a very modern look at any any rock.

A Mysterious And Majestic Town

Petra Jordan - "the lost city of geniuses"

"Before disappointment I threw away my pencil, because I simply could not give back the idea of this majestic place on the paper" wrote in his diary of the Scotsman of David Roberts, who created the first pictures of Petra in 1839. The abandoned rock town attracts every year thousands of visitors from around the world, none of them can resist the temptation however at every corner for hours photos to make - the magnificence of the city, their hidden secrets and mysteries can be but just not portray or represent. Still in the stone age, the Nabataeans (Arabic people) to scoop out the red sandstone rocks in the Canyon of the Jordanian desert of rock and created vast tombs and colossal temples in this way with spectacular facade. The city became a flourishing trade centre and the capital of the Nabataean Empire. Due to the Roman conquest and the numerous earthquakes through the centuries, the city lost importance and soon made themselves even the last inhabitants in the search for a better life. If you find intriguing the tomorrow land, immediately travelled to Petra - the Rock City excited and overwhelmed at the same time!

In the constant struggle for Petra - the desert vs. man

petra Jordan away Gorge

It would take three days around to visit all attractions here and of course is the time to take, to shoot enough photos. The rock town is reached via a narrow mountain path - Al Siq; the 1.5 km long and 70 m deep gorge is the only entrance to Petra - once after you this line has been back, look to the main square of the grandiosity of the lost city revealed.

When in 1812 a Swiss business clad researchers from Damascus to Cairo moved out, succeeded rather quickly, to convince them to work a way through the desert instead of selecting the already well-known and safe route of his fellow travelers. Thus Johann Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered the lost Petra and made known to the West with the mysterious city - 25 minutes he was advanced by the shadow of Al Siq , before he reached the "treasure trove" Aaron, brother of Moses, after all and there was a victim as a sign of his devotion.

Petra Jordan - the "treasure house" Khazne al-Firaun

petra Jordan Temple

The treasure-house of Aaron's intertwined with each other various Hellenic symbols from beyond the grave: unique statues of Amazons, Castor and Pollux, Medusa heads and other components make up the façade - all these elements are in a certain relationship to the cult of the dead and were once used for the veneration of the dead. But definitely, no one can say whether the treasure house as a crypt, a mausoleum or rather than a temple can be seen - Khazne al-Firaun has different characteristics and maps to perhaps all three categories. Only the Bedouin knew it but with security - Furthermore, they believe that the gold treasure of an Egyptian Pharaoh (probably Ramses II.) in a ballot box is hidden on the second floor. For this reason then all passing people on the facade shooting - they hoped it to be able to break the surface and to suddenly be under a heavy rain of gold coins.

Petra Jordan - Ad-Deir monastery

petra Jordan imposing monastery

With a height of 40 meters, the monastery just robbed your breath! To Petra completely explore and reveal their secrets, you must visit the famous monastery on all cases - 800 steps away, this imposing structure. You need at least an hour, to ultimately achieve the goal - most tourists returning from the monastery of cheer up the rising with the words: "do not worry! In five minutes you're already!"

Every visitor should see here be sure the Roman Theatre, the tombs of the King wall and the former town centre. Fascinating, or.? Na dann.los is BB´s! The passionate discovery and curious adventurous from the West are always welcome in the Orient!

Modern single-family homes

Again, we have found a great interview on the Internet site "". Once again it took us on some thoughts about modern architecture and personal life and artist philosophies that behind it.

Today, it is the artist couple, Eduardo Cadavalof Cadaval and Solà-Morales, as well as their creative work.

The way to the own Studio in Barcelona

esigner modern detached houses modern design

The couple, which is allied in the life, has studied design at Harvard together. Their conclusion was carried out in 2003. Shortly thereafter they founded her own Studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales. Now, they have a great portfolio with chic, modern detached houses.

The headquarters are located in Barcelona, but there is also a branch office of the company in Mexico City.

Office or laboratory? It is not entirely clear.

modern architecture modern houses architecture designer

Modern houses are designed in offices that have futuristic look. This proves the Office by Cadaval & Solà-Morales. The dynamics here very much reminds of a laboratory. Research and development of modern construction methods occupy a priority position. Currently, the focus lies in the development of innovations that can be applied equally well for small and large projects.

The profile of a modern architect

architects modern architecture modern villas

An appeal has been probably since ancient times to be an architect. Through modernization and the accessibility of the subject, this seemed to have changed something in the last few decades. But not for long. The success of today's architects can prove they are really successful in terms of historical performance, who not only work their profession, but experience.

With his own work, Eduardo Cadaval proves that this is true.

The buildings, which arise in its project management, are not simply modern. You seem to carry the soul of the innovative design in itself.

he quest to make simple and natural life in a House, clearly ensures super individual, unique and surprising results. Any terrain and each environment is unique. The target group or the contracting authority, for which the project is implemented, are also always kinda weird. To meet their needs and to make life simple, are two important concerns for these projects. The buildings look like as they were grown out of the ground. At the same time, they super are modern.

About the meaning of urban architecture

On the characteristics of Brutalism architecture

The nostalgia has brought back to us very many different movements lately. The New Brutalism is clearly architecture. In this case, also the new understanding of their ancient principles in the game blends.

Boldness and controversies

brutalist architecture architects houses designer houses

First some explanations of the term should be stirred well. Be wide awake, what is its application. First, it is confusing for many people. Brutalism has no connection with the trait. Rather it involves a derivation from the French word for concrete. It's about the new approach to residential design, which was bought by the abilities of this material to a new level.

Park Hill - brutalist architecture

Park Hill brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

The British post-war movement in the 50-IES, which clearly differentiates from the modernism is sometimes meant. However, other applications refer to a worldwide movement, representing a sculptural secretion of modernism, is again formed in concrete. The first, purely British style is also referred to as "New Brutalism" in the literature.

There are very many iconic works which can be brought together. But the first three, which we would call are: Park Hill, the Barbican, Robin Hood Gardens.

Brutalist architecture is an art, which works with concepts of ethics

house designer brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

Why built architecture the Brutalism so, as she is when she finds beautiful but virtually none? Why spread it because so much? The New Brutalism was the contemporary architecture for a generation. It is not yet extinct. She showed a their own vision of the future. But this was from the public and from the private sector. Utopias rather than real human needs were the Guide. Dictatorships have seen typified their ideas in such works all over the world.

The better practical functioning of social life in the line of the State and social system was in the foreground.

A role model today

designer houses architect houses brutalist architecture

Something seems to have remained in our life. Many even. By nostalgia, the need for a vibrant connection and memory of the past, as well as the more modern trends of reuse, all have contributed in together for the integration of this style in our present life.


architect houses brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

The brutalist architecture by the repetitive angular geometries is marked. Concrete is always there. Sometimes he but represents an outer layer and the inner, the housing, have been created from wood. The language was recorded also in buildings, which are made from different materials. Could be glass, brick, natural stone and Gabion. These are but nonetheless attributable to the same style.

The brutalist architecture - a block-like appearance

architect homes designer homes brutalist architecture

So is, to characterize brutalist architecture in the end not by the material, after which it was named. It is rough, block-like appearance. Structural materials, forms and in some cases also functions, are crucial for their definition.

In turn, several buildings made of concrete could be entirely different stylistic periods. This would for example constructivism, international style, Expressionism, postmodernism and deconstruction.

The important figures and names the New Brutalism - architecture

art gallery brutalist architecture architect houses

We start with Great Britain. On the modernism architecture, you should note in particular the following names: Erno Goldfinger, Alison and Peter Smithson. Sir Denys Lasdun should be forgotten in this series by name in any case. There is also a very strong movement in the brutalist architecture in Australia. Striking works are the Queensland Art Gallery by Robin Gibson, the Fischer library of Ken Woolley at the University of Sidney, as well as the High Court of Australia by Colin Madigan in Canberra. The governmental and industrial buildings by John Andrews are also distinctive for this style.

Louise Kahn's artwork

Louis Kahn brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

In Asia, there are many buildings of Louis Kahn. Raul Rudolph and Ralph Rapson are also well known in the United States. Addition, there are also Walter Netsch and Marcel Breuer.

The brutalist Marcel Breuer is known for its "gentler variant" architecture.

Clorindo Tesas factory

Clorindo tesa brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

Clorindo Testa built the Bank of London and those in this style of South America in Argentina. His works are some of the best examples from the 50-ies. I.m show some recent works Pei and Tadao Ando.

Architecture building in Brazil

Paulista school brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture

In Brazil, this style with the so-called Paulista is brought to school (in Sao Paolo). There are like this very new works by Paolo Mendez da Rocha, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2006.

Architecture work of Leandro Locsin

brutalist architecture Bauhaus architecture Leonardo Locsin

The Philippines Leandro Locsin is known for the cultural and International Convention Centre.

More architects are also in Eastern Europe and New Zealand.

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